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All your fish are belong to us

Posted by mai_x on 2008.07.19 at 15:36

'Nuther mithra sketch, kinda for practice.

And this! Fishies... mmm. Took about 10 hours? I didn't really keep track. Done in Photoshop CS2.

I need to learn how to blend better.

Fanart just seems easier to draw...

First post?

Posted by mai_x on 2008.07.14 at 14:27
First post here, thanks for the invite! :)

Fanart for Final Fantasy XI -- mithra thief character.

fuzzy pickles

The Transformation - sketch

Posted by bryneshrimp on 2008.03.18 at 02:56

Definitely finishing this one up soon.

fuzzy pickles
Posted by bryneshrimp on 2008.03.11 at 10:16
And here's last night's work, a sketch of my blood elf paladin that I'll probably take to color next. Even though I draw solely on the computer at work, I haven't really gotten used to using my tablet at home yet. Trying to get more comfortable with it.

fuzzy pickles

Terminal Velocity

Posted by bryneshrimp on 2008.03.11 at 10:15
Ok, I'm bringing back posting here and sticking to it this time.

First is the finished version of the Portal sketch I posted way back-



Posted by xiaoqi on 2007.10.18 at 23:39
went for a photoshoot at school today, it was immensely fun but i'm really tired and dizzy now. i really liked my classmate's pose from one of the candid pictures we took after the photoshoot was over.

i'll do a better version next time. really need to go to sleep now x_x


yay X)

Posted by xiaoqi on 2007.10.17 at 23:13
i think this took about an hour or so, maybe an hour and a half. i'm drawing the stikfas people on my desk again (i'm not good at coming up with good poses for them though :/) until i figure out what to do next. for now i'm quite satisfied with how this turned out. its way better than yesterday's. i ended up exaggerating the specular bits a little more because otherwise they'd sink into the shadow and look like nothing :/

i'll try to focus on things like cast shadows and shading the background in because it's not good to just draw something like that in isolation.


stikfas man

Posted by xiaoqi on 2007.10.17 at 01:19
i honestly don't know where to start. i tried starting with perspective but i don't really understand loomis' explanations >< i don't know why but every time i look at something that looks vaguely mathematical my brain just shuts down and refuses to process it. i'm looking into getting "perspective made easy" by ernest r. norling (not because of the title but because people say its a really good introductory book that covers everything an artist needs to know, especially those whose brains shut off the minute they see something that reminds them of geometry and trigonometry.)

just picked up one of the stikfas men on my desk and tried to force myself to sketch for at least 45-60 mins before going to bed. didn't apply any fancy theories about light on form or perspective here i just picked up my pencil and drew.

as you can see the top started out pretty ok and i lost steam towards the end lawl. and i can't draw foreshortened stuff at all. been up for 21.5 hours i need sleep >

fuzzy pickles

Now you're thinking with portals

Posted by bryneshrimp on 2007.10.16 at 10:09
Current Mood: the cake is a lie
Getting over being really ill. I'm posting this to serve as a little bit of process work as I paint this digitally, though I haven't saved any in-between steps. Pencil sketch, trying to stay sort of loose but give myself anchors for shadow and form to work from.

Portal is such a neat little game, I'm so sad that it's over.



Posted by xiaoqi on 2007.10.15 at 01:38
spent a few hours today trying to work on perspective and did a quick sketch (actually it wasn't that quick. it took me 30-40 mins. boohoo.) of the junk on my table that had ellipses in them and tried to apply what i learnt. it only lasted maybe 10 mins before i went back to my old habits again >< and it's great how i only noticed all my mistakes after scanned it in. the only thing that turned out looking okay was the nailpolish bottle in the centre. i never noticed the tape and glue were crooked until i saw the sketch on the screen. and the jar? yeah i gave up on that pretty early.

internship starts in less than 10 hours, i'm pretty nervous. and also quite determined to set aside at least an hour a day to work on improving something >:(

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